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The real question is how did Shinki get iron sand? If he’s connected to that dude from Gaara hiden, that makes no sense. Even if he trained under Gaara, which is likely as I have no idea who else could teach him, that’s a huge mystery.

I’m hopeful that we get some sort of sandaime mention out of this? Iron sand was his thing? He didn’t get a databook page and he was supposed to be the strongest Kazekage.What is that shit? GIVE ME ANYTHING ABOUT SANDY. I AM SO STARVING.

I like my theory that he’s related to sandy tho (never giving it up), because it is one step closer. I have low expectations, so it’s just a *head canon* but whatever. .If fake spoilers are true, it could be possible, considering his gripe is supposedly around Shik adai being next Kazekage. That makes him part of the Kazekage bloodline, and if they’re going to be strict about this stupid thing, then technically he could have a real possibility at being Kazekage?

I DIDN’T EXPECT KISHI TO DO SOMETHING THIS COOL. I WAS SORTA JOKING. (It was obvious it was iron sand tbh, but I keep my expectations very low.)

Aug 1 - 8:36 ( NOTES )


Sabaku no Gaara | Through the years
for: .
Aug 1 - 8:33 ( NOTES )


Everytime I look at Gaara’s haircut, I die a little inside.

Picture Source ()

Aug 1 - 8:28 ( NOTES )


Say goodbye to the brothers for a while, because tomorrow officially starts Temari Month!

Aug 1 - 8:27 ( NOTES )


Finding out that there’s a live action Naruto movie in the works:

After finding out that Lionsgate will make it and most likely whitewash the characters:

Aug 1 - 8:22 ( NOTES )

Naruto Friendships Gifs


Shikamaru & Chouji

Naruto & Sasuke

Naruto & Sakura

Naruto & Konohamaru

Naruto & Killer Bee

Naruto & Gaara

Lee & Gai

Kakashi & Gai

Kakashi & Obito

Kakashi & Yamato

Sakura & Ino

Sakura & Karin

Hinata & Hanabi

Hinata & Neji

Juugo & Kimimaro

Juugo & Suigetsu

Kiba & Akamaru

Itachi & Shisui

Mikoto & Kushina

Jiraiya & Orochimaru

Sarada & Chouchou

Boruto & Mitsuki

Boruto & Sarada & Mitsuki

Temari & Matsuri & Yukata

Sakura & Temari & Ino (wedding day)

Shikaku & Chouza & Inoichi (Old Ino-Shika-Chou)

Kakashi & Sakura & Naruto & Sasuke & Yamato & Sai (Team 7)

Kurenai & Hinata & Kiba & Shino (Team 8)

Asuma & Shikamaru & Ino & Chouji (Team 10)

Gai & Lee & Tenten & Neji (Team Gai)

Baki & Gaara & Kankuro & Temari (Team Sand Siblings/Sabaku No)

Sasuke & Suigetsu & Karin & Juugo (Team Hebi/Taka)

Minato & K akashi & Obito & Rin (Team Minato)

Hiruzen & Jiraiya & Tsunade & Orochimaru (Team Sannin)

Aug 1 - 8:21 ( NOTES )


Peace under an illusion is not true peace .
It’s only meaningful …
if the real world manages to accomplish it .

Aug 1 - 7:02 ( NOTES )


Gaara + snow = ❤️

Jul 30 - 3:41 ( NOTES )
Jul 30 - 3:33 ( NOTES )




Nara-Kazekage men huh? I approve of this. ;)

Jul 29 - 12:39 ( NOTES )


Grown ups ♥
Jul 29 - 12:37 ( NOTES )



Translator’s Note: 

Finally done! Bahah, the hilarity of this drama cd is beyond words X’D For those not in the know, this is a drama CD that comes along the DVD of The Last. And yes, it does chronologically take place after the Last, tho it’s semi-canon at best since I don’t think Kishi wrote it. Think anime fillers basically. It’s still hilarious though. 

Please though, do yourselves a favour and listen to the CD while reading the translation. This little adventure just isn’t the same without everyone’s voices XD Enjoy the chaos tbh. Thanks to 0negirlarmy​ for giving me consultation on translation, and helping with voice recognition ^^ Thank you to anon who pointed out some Gaara/Sasuke mix ups too ^^

Drama CD can be downloaded for listening 

Highly recommended that you listen while reading!

Naruto: [narrating] A woman who seeks her dream, and men who sell fleeting love. Host Club. The village of Konoha. Top Chakra. On one small shop, we put the spirit of a shinobi, and the future of the village on the line…

Shikamaru: A live wire kunoichi?!

Kakashi: Yes. Six of our Anbu faced her but….all except one were instantly killed.

Sasuke: It looks like you’ve got some information on her.

Kakashi: The remaining anbu suffered as well. He made it, on the verge of death, to my location. All he could say was that ‘they had all suffered from a kunoichi whose stomach had the Hyakubi [Hundred Tails] sealed inside’ and then he collapsed. He still hasn’t regained consciousness.

Shikamaru: Hyakubi?! The Hyakubi would be…

Sasuke: A woman who has a Tailed Beast sealed in her stomach. She’s a jinchuuriki.

[ominous music]

Jul 28 - 0:25 ( NOTES )

Naruto The Last - Character Songs.rar (65.07MB) -


This has the Character Songs and the Host Club drama CD, so have at it.

Jul 27 - 6:39 ( NOTES )



No headband

Jul 27 - 3:36 ( NOTES )

Boruto the movie spoilers


credit: mezzomarinaio

●  Sasuke’s first scenes are the ones we saw in the trailer.
● Kakashi looks like he looked in the original manga, not like he looked in the Gaiden.
● Sakura, Ino and Temari’s scenes are very cute.
● You get the feeling that Boruto feels like wanting to protect Sarada.
● Boruto seems to dote on his sister.
● Naruto has his Team 7 photo both in his home and in his office.
● Sasuke’s condition for accepting Boruto as an apprentice is if he can do the rasengan…? Sorry, this part lacked context.
● Sarada: “Papa, you are trying to make him train because you don’t know him, usually he doesn’t work very hard!”
● Sarada teases Sakura by telling her ‘You’re happy that papa finally came home after so long, aren’t you?’. Sakura blushes. Sarada then goes ‘But I understand your feelings…’.
● Chuunin exam first part examiners: Shikamaru and Sai. Chuunin exam second part examiners: TenTen (and maybe Shino?). Chuunin exam third part examiner: Lee.
● Boruto stares at Sarada and blushes.

Jul 27 - 3:29 ( NOTES )